Independent reviews

Independent reviews

A real page-turner 15 Aug 2010
By TinTin
Not being a much of a sci-fi fan, I wasn't expecting much from this book, but I was pleasantly surprised because this is so much more. Its well-written love story set in an alternate world against the backdrop of a massive governmental conspiracy to thwart the first manned spaceflight. Most impressively though is the way the pages seem to glide past effortlessly, written with just the right amount of action and tongue-in-cheek humour to keep you turning those same pages. Definitely worth a read

Believable Sci Fi at last! 12 Aug 2010
The Star Ring Conspiracy I was pleasantly suprised by this book. It is very well written and holds your attention right the way through. No drifting off into long descriptions(ugh!!). I found the characters believable and the plot interesting. It is not the usual monsters from outer space type thing at all, in fact you feel these are people, real people, who just happen to live on a different world. By the end of the book I felt that I knew the characters, and now I can only hope he writes a sequel, so that I can find out how they got on!!! Well done Mr Boxall, I look forward to reading your next book.

Dreamers of the Future
15 May 2012
By Wanda - Published on
Format:Kindle Edition
The Star Ring Consipiracy was an interesting read. Sometimes it was hard to keep up, but the pieces fit together pretty well. There was a bit of everthing - corporate hyjinks, government conspiracy, mysterious dreams, primitive tribes, aliens, astronauts, spies, crooked police, and a bit of romance too. There were secrets about the "stars" surrounding the planet and the "false stars" beyond the star ring. The astronauts risked their lives for the mission that was sabotaged, and the ship was almost lost. I enjoyed the book, but would love to know what happens next - so, perhaps a sequel?

From Google Books

This is an amazing breakneck pace through the enchanted mix of Asimov meets Douglas Adams while hurtling into Alice’s looking glass world of mirrored lands.The very tongue in cheek use of ananyms & anagrams depicting some celebrity characters and earthly locations weaves its tapestry well
  Featured mirrored lands include, Morocco, New York, Lake Ontario, and Cape Cod
  We get to meet ~ Captain James T Kirk (minus the T. – hence, no mad hatter) cleverly disguised as Captain Semaj Krik. We even get David Bellamy as the author uses his obese shape transforming him into a burly wrestler.
  There are a few typos and the odd word missing here and there but this doesn’t take anything away from the captivating flow of the story. There is also some confusion over the characters Anaid and Airam…. They get swapped around in the latter stages of the book…. May be a publisher error.
  All in all this is a prolific piece of work and I would like to see more from this very talented author.

From The Conspiracy Review website

There are many similarities between this and other popular classics such as "A Voyage to Arcturus" and "2001: a space odyssey". So much so that I am confident that if you liked those classics - you'll love this book.

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The Star Ring Conspiracy

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