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My first book is a mix of Science Fiction adventure and mystery. It is a speculative look at a world that parallels ours in many ways but has it's own unique idiosyncrasies brought about by the geography and environment. Initially the story focuses on their space exploration program but it soon becomes clear that there is a deep conspiracy going on, which the main characters become caught up in with life changing consequences. Here are some excerpts from reviews which are a mix from the original hardback edition and the updated and revised 2nd edition e-book.

This is an amazing breakneck pace through the enchanted mix of Asimov meets Douglas Adams while hurtling into Alice’s looking glass world of mirrored lands.The very tongue in cheek use of ananyms & anagrams depicting some celebrity characters and earthly locations weaves its tapestry well. All in all this is a prolific piece of work and I would like to see more from this very talented author. Read the rest of this five star Review on Google Books.

There are many similarities between this and other popular classics such as "A Voyage to Arcturus" and "2001: a space odyssey". So much so that I am confident that if you liked those classics - you'll love this book. Read the full review on 'The Conspiracy Review' website.

Written with just the right amount of action and tongue-in-cheek humour to keep you turning those same pages. Definitely worth a read. From five star review by Tin Tin on

I found the characters believable and the plot interesting. It is not the usual monsters from outer space type thing at all, in fact you feel these are people, real people, who just happen to live on a different world. From five star review by Dizzykiggle on

There was a bit of everthing - corporate hyjinks, government conspiracy, mysterious dreams, primitive tribes, aliens, astronauts, spies, crooked police, and a bit of romance too. I enjoyed the book, but would love to know what happens next - so, perhaps a sequel? From four star review by Wanda on

A well-written love story set in an alternate world against the backdrop of a massive governmental conspiracy to thwart the first manned spaceflight. Most impressively though is the way the pages seem to glide past effortlessly, written with just the right amount of action and tongue-in-cheek humour to keep you turning those same pages. Five Star review by Tin Tin on

I hope that you enjoy the mystery, adventure and conspiracy aspects of my first book and pick up on the underlying speculative themes. I am particularly proud of my description of the space exploration mission. Let me know what you think of the red herrings - I spent quite a lot of time making sure that everything works with the aim of making it enjoyable to read a second time when you know what is going on behind the scenes.

The Star Ring Conspiracy

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