Garston Yegob expected his job as Project Director for the first manned space flight to be stressful; what he didn't expect was to become embroiled in a powerful conspiracy to seize control of the planet.

In his efforts to discover what caused the mission to fail spectacularly, Garston is drawn into a world of intrigue where he finds love and friendship, witnesses betrayals and murder, and discovers a trail of corruption leading right to the core of the government.

Then the dreams begin. How is he sharing dreams with others? And who is the mysterious Hugh?

Find out by following Garston from the heat of the desert to the luxury of Capital City. Join him on a journey from prison to the depths of a remote jungle island where he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save his unborn child and discover the true meaning of The Star Ring Conspiracy.

Currently only available in Hardback and ebook form. 

Download the newly edited Kindle ebook edition here.

The Star Ring Conspiracy can be ordered through the publisher’s Web site


(ISBN: 9781606112691) for $26.95  

Or at

www.amazon.com or http://search.barnesandnoble.com

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Paperback and other rights negotiable.
The Star Ring Conspiracy

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